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When fresh fruits and vegetables are brought into the pack-sheds after harvest, they need to be cooled quickly to ensure that losses are prevented and the consumer receives them in the best possible condition. Proper cooling inhibits softening by enzymatic degradation, wilting, fungal and bacterial growth that causes decay, and ripening due to the product’s reaction to ethylene. The increased shelf life of the product provides more flexibility in the sales and distribution process. Furthermore, the pack-shed temperature is maintained at a comfortable level for the staff.

Evaporative cooling is very cost-effective for this purpose, especially in low humidity regions.
CFW cooling pad systems offer an effective, low-maintenance and inexpensive solution for producers in this industry.

CeLPad – The more efficient Cooling Pad


Maximum Efficiency: It is designed to provide maximum contact surface between air and water, thus optimising the cooling and humidification process from evaporation.

Maximum Freshness: It acts as a natural filter that purifies inlet air. A carefully designed flute angle directs water to both the air inlet and outlet side, flushing away dust, algae and mineral build up on the evaporation surfaces.

Maximum Durability: They are designed with special cellulose paper impregnated with insoluble chemical compounds to preserve its long working life in your system.

Customisation: Our CeLPads are able to be customised to any size, shape and colour of your choice.

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