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Our Easycool™ evaporative coolers are designed to beat the harsh southern African temperatures and to provide you with a cool, fresh comfortable living space. Evaporative cooling is the most natural form of cooling. In the same way a breeze cools down our damp skin in summer, this is the process used by the Easycool™.

Outside air is pulled through an evaporative wall, introducing clean, humidified air into your home.

Benefits of evaporative cooling include:

  • Low installation and maintenance costs.
  • Energy savings of up to 90%.
  • Filtering of pollutants and dust from the air.
  • Doors and windows can be left open.


All the components in the Easycool™ unit are highly durable and low maintenance.
Water quality is key to an evaporative cooling system, and the Easycool™ has a self cleaning unit which can be timed to flush every 2-6 hours. Additionally it can be timed to flush/ clean at the push of a button on your remote. This unit is fully submersible and fitted with a detachable filter for easier maintenance.

Unlike traditional voltage speed control methods, the Easycool™ is silent, does not draw high levels of current, and at it’s lowest speed only draws 160 watts.

dedda0_1ad7a7e587994a6dba86e1f63ed42b75mv2It’s silent and reliable drain valve opens during the automatic cleaning cycle to flush away unwanted solids and waste.

The controller has digital display featuring air volume control, cool mode, fan-only mode, sleep mode and an adjustable flush/clean cycle.

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