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CFW Evapcool specialises in evaporative cooling systems. Evaporative cooling is your application of choice if you experience hot, dry summers. By introducing 100% fresh air into the conditioned space, you gain oxygen and eliminate odours.

How this process differs from regular airconditioning, is that water flows over highly absorbent cooling pads. Fresh air then flows through evaporative passages in the cooling CeLPads. These wetted pads act as fairly efficient filters removing dust and airborne particles, and allowing for fresh cooled air to enter the space.


  • Low installation cost
  • Lower maintenance costs than air conditioners
  • Fewer components required
  • Vastly decreases your carbon emissions
  • Huge energy savings

CFW Evapcool is a distributor of Hutek evaporative cooling pads. These cooling pads (or CeLPads) are made to the highest quality specifications. CFW carries a wide range of CeLPad stock, and we offer competitive prices. We have extensive experience in Wetwall installation and evaporative cooling in the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors (e.g. post-harvest cooling). CFW Evapcool is a distributor of the Easycool™ and PowerKool™ evaporative cooler ranges.

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