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These robust fibreglass evaporative air coolers are designed for commercial and industrial applications where system pressures require a centrifugal fan.

The units are supplied with CeLPaD evaporation media, use belt-driven, forward-curved centrifugal fans and are constructed of UV-stabilised fibreglass. This South African manufactured PowerKool™ cooler can be supplied to discharge from the side, top, or bottom of the unit, providing the user with a variety of installation options. All spare parts are readily available.

They are available in two unit sizes with motor sizes from 0.75kW up to 7.5kW (up to 2.2kW for single-phase motors). Air volume displacement varies from 1.4m/s to 6m/s, and external static pressures can go up to 350Pa.

Benefits include low installation, energy and maintenance costs. As the internal air is maintained at a slightly positive pressure, ingress of dust and pollutants is limited.

CeLPads / Wet-walls


When air connects with water, the water absorbs thermal energy from the air to evaporate. The CeLPad amplifies this natural phenomenon, and turns it into the most economical solution for providing optimal temperature and humidity for large spaces. Made with a specially impregnated cellulose matrix, CeLPad rapidly absorbs water and provides massive contact surface for the evaporation process.
The wall consists of an array of CelPad evaporative cooling pads through which water is circulated using a pump. Fans on the opposite wall of the conditioned space draw air through the wet-wall, cooling it by means of the water evaporating from the pads. The wet wall should be on the side of the building facing the prevailing wind or perpendicular to the prevailing wind directions, so as to minimise airflow resistance through the wet-wall or against the fans.


Two very popular models of CeLPads are:

  • CeLPad 0760: Created to minimise pressure drop from the product. Can be used in applications with a high air face velocity.
  • CeLPad 0790: Maximises evaporation by ensuring a longer air/water contact time. Best suited to applications with moderate air face velocities such as greenhouses and poultry farms.

Greenhouse Fans

culture of organic salad in greenhouses

Temperatures can easily exceed 38°C in greenhouses during the summer if they are not equipped with cooling systems. Such high temperatures reduce crop quality and worker productivity. Evaporative cooling is the most common method for reducing the temperature inside a greenhouse. Air conditioning or refrigeration systems can be used, but their installation and operating costs are usually prohibitive. Low noise levels combined with high energy efficiency make this the logical solution for all agricultural endeavours.

Greenhouse under blue sky

The CFW Maxiflow™ greenhouse fan is a rigidly tested machine and has proven to be both cost effective and low on maintenance. The housing is constructed of pre-galvanised sheet metal and fitted with riv-nuts for easy installation.
Its automatic shutter opening mechanism ensures frictionless movement and minimal resistance to airflow. The cast iron induction motor has an IP55 rating, class F insulation and sealed ball bearings.
Maxiflow™ is an economical and energy-wise machine for large scale agricultural ventilation.

CFW Cooling Fans

Our attractive, heavy-duty cooling fans are a must for summer! They boast high energy efficiency, robust construction and exceptional economic value. They can be supplied either as mobile pedestal fans or installed wall-mounted fans. CFW cooling fans are powerful enough to be used in large scale cooling. They keep fresh air circulating, allowing for maximum comfort and productivity. They are perfect for restaurants, sports clubs, gyms, workshops and factories. Their solid performance, industrial strength and durability make for a worthwhile investment.

portable-man-coolerPortable man coolers are used where a concentrated high velocity flow of air is required, such as cooling of personnel in hot working environments or cooling of machinery. They are of robust construction with guards on both sides, an adjustable stand, and a direct-on-line starter. They come in standard sizes or can be manufactured to any size or power to meet customer specifications.

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