PowerKool™ evaporative coolers utilise the natural process of evaporation of water to cool air. This natural process, combined with its low energy requirements makes evaporative cooling the most environmentally friendly choice for many applications.

The PowerKool™ is suitable for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications where large volumes of cool fresh air are required. It creates optimal levels of temperature and humidity.

These robust fibreglass evaporative air coolers are designed for commercial and industrial applications where system pressures require a centrifugal fan. The units are supplied with CeLPaD evaporation media, use belt-driven, forward-curved centrifugal fans and are constructed of UV-stabilised fibreglass. This South African manufactured PowerKool™ cooler can be supplied to discharge from the side, top, or bottom of the unit, providing the user with a variety of installation options. All spare parts are readily available.

They are available in two unit sizes with motor sizes from 0.75kW up to 7.5kW (up to 2.2kW for single-phase motors). Air volume displacement varies from 1.4m/s to 6m/s and external static pressures can go up to 350Pa.

Benefits include low installation, energy and maintenance costs. As the internal air is maintained at a slightly positive pressure, ingress of dust and pollutants is limited.