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CFW COOLING FANS Robust, energy efficient, high performance fans

Our attractive, heavy-duty cooling fans are a must for summer! They boast high energy efficiency, robust construction and exceptional economic value. They can be supplied either as mobile pedestal fans or installed wall-mounted fans.

CFW cooling fans are powerful enough to be used in large scale cooling. They keep fresh air circulating, allowing for maximum comfort and productivity. They are perfect for restaurants, sports clubs, gyms, workshops and factories. Sizes range from 650mm to 750mm, with airflow varying from 170 – 290 m³/ min. Their solid performance, industrial strength and durability make for a worthwhile investment.

portable-man-coolerPortable man coolers are used where a concentrated high velocity flow of air is required, such as cooling of personnel in hot working environments or cooling of machinery. They are of robust construction with guards on both sides, an adjustable stand, and a direct-on-line starter. The standard size is ∅500mm in single phase up to 2.2kW, and three phase up to 4kW, but these cooling fans can be manufactured to any size or power to meet customer specifications.

Coming soon: CFW is launching a new range of industrial ceiling fans for large spaces. The CFW HVLS large ceiling fan range will be available in sizes 4.2m – 7m diameters, for large-scale, cost-effective cooling of factories and warehouses.

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