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Temperatures can easily exceed 38°C in greenhouses during the summer if they are not equipped with cooling systems. Such high temperatures reduce crop quality and worker productivity. Evaporative cooling is the most common method for reducing the temperature inside a greenhouse. Air conditioning or refrigeration systems can be used, but their installation and operating costs are usually prohibitive.

The coolest area of the greenhouse is adjacent to the evaporative cooling pads. As this cooled air moves along the length of the greenhouse it removes heat, which is expelled by the exhaust fans.

A well designed, properly installed and operated evaporative cooling system may have an evaporation efficiency of up to 85 percent. The temperature of the cooled air exiting an evaporative cooling pad is a function of the relative humidity of the outside air. With an outdoor relative humidity of 50% and temperature of 32°C, this evaporative cooling system typically reduces the temperature to 24°C.

CFW provides a number of cooling pad products, fans and services that will help your plants and business to flourish.

Maxiflow™ Greenhouse Fan

Greenhouse under blue sky

Low noise levels combined with high energy efficiency make this the logical solution for all agricultural endeavours.
This rigidly tested machine has proven to be both cost effective and low on maintenance.
Its automatic shutter opening mechanism ensures frictionless movement and minimal resistance to airflow.
The housing is rigidly constructed of pre-galvanised sheet metal and fitted with riv-nuts for easy installation.
The cast iron induction motor has an IP55 rating, class F insulation and sealed ball bearings.
The Maxiflow™ greenhouse fan is an economical and energy-efficient machine for large scale agricultural ventilation.

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