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Broiler production on chicken farms typically involves housing large numbers of birds in a confined space. In these conditions, hot weather can easily result in heat stress for the animals, leading to  reduced profits as a result of lost production.

Evaporative cooling through the use of cooling pads and fans is effective at minimising heat stress. The drier the ambient air, the more effective this system is at cooling.

CFW can provide all the materials and services necessary for the proper functioning of the fan and pad wet-wall systems that are typically used in the industry.

CeLPad – The more efficient Cooling Pad

Shot of Evaporative Cooling Pads – isolated on white

Maximum Efficiency: It is designed to provide maximum contact surface between air and water, thus optimising the cooling and humidification process from evaporation.

Maximum Freshness: It acts as a natural filter that purifies inlet air. A carefully designed flute angle directs water to both the air inlet and outlet side, flushing away dust, algae and mineral build up on the evaporation surfaces.

Maximum Durability: They are designed with special cellulose paper impregnated with insoluble chemical compounds to preserve its long working life in your system.

Customisation: Our CeLPads are able to be customised to any size, shape and colour of your choice

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