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Expert evaporative cooling solutions


Broiler production on chicken farms typically involves housing large numbers of birds in a confined space. In these conditions, hot weather can easily result in heat stress for the animals, leading to  reduced profits as a result of lost production.

Evaporative cooling through the use of cooling pads and fans is effective at minimising heat stress. The drier the ambient air, the more effective this system is at cooling.

CFW can provide all the materials and services necessary for the proper functioning of the fan and pad wet-wall systems that are typically used in the industry.


When fresh fruits and vegetables are brought into the pack-sheds after harvest, they need to be cooled quickly to ensure that losses are prevented and the consumer receives them in the best possible condition. Proper cooling inhibits softening by enzymatic degradation, wilting, fungal and bacterial growth that causes decay, and ripening due to the product’s reaction to ethylene. The increased shelf life of the product provides more flexibility in the sales and distribution process. Furthermore, the pack-shed temperature is maintained at a comfortable level for the staff.

Evaporative cooling is very cost-effective for this purpose, especially in low humidity regions.
CFW cooling pad systems offer an effective, low-maintenance and inexpensive solution for producers in this industry.


Temperatures can easily exceed 38°C in greenhouses during the summer if they are not equipped with cooling systems. Such high temperatures reduce crop quality and worker productivity. Evaporative cooling is the most common method for reducing the temperature inside a greenhouse. Air conditioning or refrigeration systems can be used, but their installation and operating costs are usually prohibitive.

The coolest area of the greenhouse is adjacent to the evaporative cooling pads. As this cooled air moves along the length of the greenhouse it removes heat, which is expelled by the exhaust fans.

A well designed, properly installed and operated evaporative cooling system may have an evaporation efficiency of up to 85 percent. The temperature of the cooled air exiting an evaporative cooling pad is a function of the relative humidity of the outside air. With an outdoor relative humidity of 50% and temperature of 32°C, this evaporative cooling system typically reduces the temperature to 24°C.

CFW provides a number of cooling pad products, fans and services that will help your plants and business to flourish.


Workers thrive in an environment where there is a constant supply of fresh cooled air, thus increasing productivity.

Many years of experience in the application and manufacture of Evaporative Cooling Systems has shown that this system is the most efficient and dependable cooling technology available for large industrial spaces. This system advances the goal of cutting costs with reduced energy consumption.

If you are looking for strength, durability, reliability and the highest performance available in evaporative cooling, CFW CeLPads, manufactured and supplied by HuTek, are the logical choice.

CFW CeLPad systems are manufactured for many applications and are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes.


Hot and dry conditions are associated with significant production losses in the livestock industry. Heat stress, brought about by a combination of temperature, humidity and solar radiation, is one of the leading causes of health problems, decreased feed intake, negative reproductive impacts and increased mortality, all of which lead to a decrease in production.

Evaporative cooling is an efficient solution to this problem, and can be used successfully even in humid areas, since the outside relative humidity decreases during the hot part of the day.

CFW has the experience and products to help ensure that your livestock are kept healthy and productive.

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